About Me

Information Technology Background Education.

Good Learning, Commit, Leadershipness and Never Give Up!
Enjoy life with hardwork, gratefully and pray everytime!!!

-Diploma Degree of Information Management '2013
-Bachelor Degree of Information System '2015.
-Master Degree of Information System '2020.

Information Technology Staf
@ Ministry of State Secretariat Republic of Indonesia,
OASE Kabinet Indonesia Maju Division. Jakarta - Indonesia.

Regular CV / Resume
  • Date of Birth August, 21th - 1992
  • College Gunadarma University
  • Residence Indonesia
  • Address Bekasi - West Java
  • e-Mail wegirandol@gmail.com
  • SN (Europe) 45-46
  • T-Shirt (N) XL-XXL
  • Sweater (N) XXL
  • Status Single
  • Fav Brand OnePlus, Piero, Zeblaze, Levis, Tigernu, ASUS
Medical Resume
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